A Sketch-Based Interface for Architectural Modification in Virtual Environments

Dominik Rausch, Ingo Assenmacher
Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realit├Ąt, 5. Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe VR/AR (2008)

This paper presents a sketch-based interface for interactive modification of architectural design prototypes inside a virtual environment. The user can move around in the scenery and create line drawings to add annotations. In order to modify or extend the scenery, she can sketch command symbols, which are then recognized by the application to trigger the application defined commands. This allows the user to modify existing objects in the scene as well as to create new ones. This sketch based interface is supposed to act as a front-end application for architects in order to have a tool for the interactive reconfiguration of rooms and interior in a visual-acoustic virtual environment.

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