User Interface Design for Test and Diagnosis Software in Automotive Production Environments

Nikolaj Borisov, Annette Kluge, Wolfram Luther, Benjamin Weyers
Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence. Personalisation and User Adapted Services (2014)

In this paper, we present a first approach to a new test and diagnosis user interface (TDUI) as an application scenario for ambient intelligent systems in production environments, which represents one specific domain for urban areas. This method is based on a first evaluation study in 2012, identifying relevant requirements for the development of such TDUIs. It is planned to be implemented based on a formally defined Interaction Logic Layer (ILL), which connects the physical user interface layout with the test system. It allows the user to easily control and adapt the test and diagnosis application, to display and convey information characterizing the process state. Finally, this approach makes the TDUI implementation highly flexible and adaptive regarding the individual user and the requirements of the production environment.

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