Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR I)


WS 2020





ECTS 6 (V3Ü1)


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Lecture Tue, tba tba
Lecture Thu, tba tba
Exercise Replacing lectures in a bi-weekly manner tba
Written Exam tba tba
Repeated Exam tba tba

The goal of the lecture is to teach basic methods for the simulation of and interaction with virtual environments and to introduce VR applications in the technical, scientific, and industrial field. The lecture includes practical demonstrations in our VR laboratory and covers the following topics: - Definition and history of VR - Physiological aspects of 3-D vision - Basics and, in particular, VR-relevant topics of 3-D computer graphics - Stereoscopic egocentric projections - Technology and hardware for graphics, immersive Displays (HMDs, CAVEs), and interaction - 3D user Interfaces - Navigation in virtual environments - Collision detection - Basics of Audio and Haptics in VR - VR applications in industry and research (product development, robotics, computational fluid dynamics, medicine)

Please be aware that this course is not only designed for students of computer science but also for students of other study programs. As such, the course has to be self-contained and consequently contains a few lessons about the basics of computer graphics.

All downloadable material can be found in the moodle course room. Register via campus or send an email stating your name and matriculation number to office@vr.rwth-aachen.de.

Possible Changes due to Corona

Depending on the situation due to Corona in the winter term, we might use an online concept for the lecture via Zoom.

We will keep you informed.
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