Industry Meets aixCAVE

On Friday, May 5th, about twenty delegates from renowned companies across Germany visited us to experience the aixCAVE. This event triggered many intriguing thoughts and stimulating discussions between our researchers and guests.

(Picture: Welcome meeting between Torsten W. Kuhlen and the company delegates,
© Arnim Buch)

Having previously visited the RWTH aixCAVE herself, Rose-Marie Schulte, a sales advisor and tech enthusiast located in Düsseldorf, wanted to share her experience with her business partners. We happily agreed and offered them an opportunity to explore our site firsthand.

We started the day with a brief presentation by Torsten W. Kuhlen about our research group and an introduction to the aixCAVE. Subsequently, we continued with a tour through our research laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art VR-capable workplaces and, as centerpiece, the aixCAVE.

Being visited by a large group made it possible to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of our aixCAVE regarding collaborative work.

Fully opening the aixCAVE allows a large group to observe the researchers inside and to exchange ideas. Closing it provides the best immersion for up to five researchers inside but limits communication to the inside of the aixCAVE. Both scenarios have their use cases for different applications. We selected a representative for each scenario from our wide variety of applications to showcase during the day.
(Picture: CAVE demonstration of the Aachen Cathedral,
© Arnim Buch)

(Picture: CAVE demonstration of New Orleans,
© Arnim Buch)

Overall, our guests were impressed by the capabilities and the immersion provided by the aixCAVE. During and after the demonstrations, our guests came up with intriguing discussion topics. These ranged from thoughts about the future of VR in the context of the Metaverse, about philosophical perspectives on the definition of reality, as well as new business ideas incorporating the Metaverse and VR.
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