Virtual Reality


WS 2015









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The lecture provides an introduction to basic methods for the simulation of virtual environments. Furthermore, the lecture presents VR applications in technological- and research as well as industrial contexts. The lecture is accompanied by the presentation of examples and applications.

Topics include Physiological aspects of 3D vision and spatial hearing; Basics and VR-relevant topics for 3D computer graphics; stereoscopic projections; graphics, projection, and interaction hardware; binaural acoustics; haptics; human motion capture; collision detection; physics-based modeling of the behavior of virtual objects; kinematic structures; VR applications in research and industry: product development, robotics, flow mechanics, forming technology, and medicine.

Per default, the language of the course is German. In case international students are planning to attend the course and all participants agree, we will switch to English.

Please be aware that this course is not only designed for students of computer science but also for students of other study prgrams. As such, the course has to be self-contained and consequently contains quite some lessons on the basics of computer graphics. For students of computer science who already have profound knowledge in computer graphics, we recommend to attend the Virtual Reality course in next summer semester. That course will be on pure VR topics only.

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