Bachelor and Master Theses

We regularly offer proposals for bachelor and master thesis projects in all areas across our research activities and related subjects, which cover most topics in Virtual Reality and (Immersive) Visualization. The thesis topics are usually specified in cooperation with one of our research assistants or PostDocs and/or Prof. Kuhlen taking into account your individual interests and previous knowledge as well as our current research agenda (e.g. in terms of ongoing academic or industrial cooperations).

In order to guarantee a successful completion of the thesis, we usually expect you to have
  • taken the "Basic Techniques in Computer Graphics" lecture by Prof. Kobbelt if you are a bachelor student
  • taken at least one of our “Virtual Reality” lectures or our lab course if you are a master student
  • a good working knowledge of C++ or C#
  • some experience in the Unreal or Unity game engine
  • or an equivalent qualification.

Request for Supervision

If you are interested in writing your thesis with us, you should inform yourself about our recent research topics first. Watch our research and theses (examples of theses in progress or finished) sections as well as a (non-complete) list of currently open theses below.

In case you are interested in one of these fields or topics, please send an appropriate request directly to office@vr.rwth-aachen.de via E-Mail.

Your request should at least include the following information:

  • Thematic interests (and hint to open thesis if applicable)
  • Possibly more concrete suggestions for topics
  • Motivation: Why do you want to write your thesis with us?
  • Any previous experience and knowledge (programming skills, relevant software skills, finished projects, relevant attended courses, internships or the like)
  • Desired earliest and latest start date
  • Overview of grades
Note, that we only have limited capacity for supervision of theses. Thus, it is inevitable to apply on time and flexibility concerning the start date can increase the chance of supervision. Furthermore, it is advantageous if you already have a brief idea for the topic or at least name concrete research interests of yours. If no capacities are available in the certain area(s), we will automatically check capacities in related areas. Thus, specifying the topic you want to work on, does not reduce the chance of an admission for our part.

Advanced Interaction with Spatial UI

Interactions with menus in virtual reality are common when using immersive applications. However, due to various effects such as the lever effect, Heisenberg effect, etc., which are common in standard interaction techniques, menus can be cumbersome to use. This thesis aims to develop and evaluate an advanced interaction technique that aims to overcome the shortcomings of standard interactions. Prior experience with Unreal Engine’s C++ code or a strong willingness to learn independently and C++ proficiency is a must. A basic understanding of study design is advantageous.

Marcel Krüger, M.Sc.

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