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All students besides Media Informatics can now register for the lecture via "modulares Anmeldeverfahren" in the campus system. We ask all Media Informatics students who want to join the lecture to send us their name and matriculation number to office@vr.rwth-aachen.de, so that we can register you manually. Same is true for anyone still registered for the Bachelor degree.

If someone else has trouble to register, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that the registration for the oral exam in Virtual Reality will be opened on May 12th 2016.


Note: This page is for a course from a previous semester.
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The goal of the lecture is to teach basic methods of virtual environment simulation and to introduce VR applications in the technical, scientific, and industrial field. The lecture includes practical demonstrations in a VR laboratory and covers the following topics: Physiological aspects of 3-D vision and hearing, VR-relevant topics of 3-D computer graphics, stereoscopic projections, hardware for graphics, projection, and interaction, binaural acoustics, haptics, registration of human movements, collision detection, physically based modeling of virtual object behaviour, kinematic structures, VR applications in industry and research (product development, robotics, computational fluid dynamics, metal forming, medicine).

Per default, the language of the course is German. In case international students are planning to attend the course and all participants agree, we will switch to English.

Please be aware that, in contrast to the VR course in the winter semester, this summer semester course only very briefly introduces computer graphics topics. A basic knowledge in computer graphics is therefore recommended for students who want to attend the course.

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