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Course Dates:




Introductory Event 2021-04-09; 9:30am - 10:30am Seminar Room 003, Kopernikusstraße 6, Extension Building IT Center / Zoom
Lab Demo tba VR Lab (K115), Kopernikusstraße 6, Extension Building IT Center / Zoom
Deadline Literature Research 2021-05-03; 8:00am Upload to SWOFI
Pitch meeting 2021-05-10; 1:00pm - 3:00pm Seminar Room 004, Kopernikusstraße 6, Extension Building IT Center / Zoom
Deadline Outline 2021-05-17; 8:00am Upload to SWOFI
Deadline Written Paper Submission 2021-06-14; 8:00am Upload to SWOFI
Deadline Revised Paper Submission 2021-07-12; 8:00am Upload to SWOFI
Rehearsal Talk Check with your supervisor Check with your supervisor
Presentations 2021-07-27; 12:30pm - 5:00pm Seminar Room 003, Kopernikusstraße 6, Extension Building IT Center / Zoom

The pro-seminar deals with the basics of the interaction in Virtual Reality. Selected Topics are presented in the introductory event.

Changes Due To Corona

If attendance-based classes and events are still not allowed due to the Coronavirus, an online concept will be used for the pro-seminar via Zoom.

We will keep all participants up-to-date.


Topics for presentations will be agreed on in the course of the semester; the presentations will be given in an intensive block course format towards the end of the lecture period. Seminar participants can take part in a guided tour through the VR Lab and a demonstration of the aixCAVE.


Previous knowledge of the subject is not required.

Successful Participation

Students who wish to successfully participate in the pro-seminar must submit a written paper (a PDF file created using LaTeX), give a successful presentation of the paper (and a prior test presentation in front of their supervisor) at the block seminar, and attend the block seminar in its entirety. Please note that all deadlines must be met. The decision on who will successfully participate will be announced at the end of the block seminar.

Attention: The pro-seminar is supported by the scientific workflow guide SWOFI. Once the course starts, all further information about tasks and the required deliverables for each deadline are found under https://swofi.net:30001. It is crucial to follow the instructions listed there to successfully finish the course.

List of Available Topics

Will be announced at the Introductory Event.

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